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  • Cat's Eye A sequel to Cataclysm the fourth book in 'The Avenging Cat' series.

  • Floreskand: Prophecy A sequel to Floreskand 3: Madurava the fourth chronicle set in mythical Floreskand. Work in progress.

  • Mission: Falklands - Tana Standish series #4: Argentina, 1981-1982. Why does Tana Standish end up on the CIA's Most Wanted List? She must evade the CIA hit-man. The past haunts her when she discovers Richter, a Nazi from the Warsaw ghetto. And an old friend calls for her help in Argentina. His two teenage children are among the two thousand 'disappeared'. Tana searches for the children and finds the ghastly truth about the evil regime. She also uncovers the plans to invade the Falklands. But how can she get the information out and will it be believed? Russian psychics are still tracking and attacking her. She fights Galtieri's troops on the mainland and on South Georgia and faces bravery and betrayal. The psychics are headed for a final confrontation in the mountains of northern Chile. A battle of minds, and there can be only one winner. Then there's the mystery of a gravestone in a Hampshire graveyard. Does this bring Tana's adventures to a tragic end?

  • Bradbury & Hood - Artist and journalist Georgina Hood makes friends with American Richard Bradbury in Tenerife in 1887. They thwart a murder plot and bring the culprit to justice. The large reward prompts the pair to combine forces as Bradbury & Hood, Investigators. Georgina will also write down their escapades for Blackwood's Magazine. While in Tenerife they uncover an art smuggling racket and later meet up with Scotsman Edward Wathen Fyffe and his wife and are instrumental in Fyffe exporting bananas to Great Britain. Back in England, they set up an office in London and advertise in the quality periodicals. Richard does the leg-work, while Georgina supplements funds with her writing and illustrating. Then, while investigating the background of an heiress, Georgina discovers that she was unofficially adopted. Georgina was actually an illegitimate waif from Gateshead. The pair of them undertake a search for the background roots of the heiress and Georgina. This quest takes them to the North-East, to West Pelton colliery where Georgina learns she'd had an older brother who died in the 1866 disaster. In the mining village near the Auckland Park colliery, Georgina finally meets her real mother and learns how and why she was given away to 'the gentleman and lady in the smart carriage'. Their trail leads north, to Tynemouth. And the business relationship between Bradbury and Hood eventually blossoms into romance at the sedate seaside resort of Whitley Bay.

  • Silenced in Darkness A sequel to The Bread of Tears featuring Sister Rose.

  • Sneeze on a Thursday - The first in the Proverbial Series featuring Pete Axiom, a PI in Charleston, SC. Ably abetted by his new secretary, Verity Honradez.

  • Dark Endeavour - A pirate adventure about the blooding of Mary...

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