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  • Time with a Gift of Tears Timothy Farman is a successful author in 2033. He writes historical fiction. But he has a secret. Nobody knows that he actually travels into the past to do his research using a time-travelling laptop. Farman doesn't appreciate that each foray through time has consequences: anomalies, time distortions. Serious stuff, so severe in fact that a time guardian, Alotted Span, is attempting to trace the cause of these anomalies. Aided by his trainee guardian, Ageless Beauty, he travels to a strange planet called Triptych, an ideal world where the people mix in harmony, a place which might have some bearing on the whole Earth-2033 mess. Farman has a couple of close shaves in Roman Britain and King Arthur's land. He decides on one last book, travelling back to London in 2020 at the start of the Race Revolt.Unfortunately, shortly after he arrives his laptop gets stolen and he's stranded there. Farman meets up with his younger self and discovers that history has changed, this isn't his past. He might not survive this timeline, after all. Recruiting the help of a one-eyed beauty, he goes in search of a duplicate time machine, avoiding the political and violent turmoil that's tearing the country apart. On Triptych Ageless Beauty encounters unsavoury aspects of what originally seemed to be an idyllic land. She is drawn to foment rebellion. And, ultimately, Alotted Span realises that there's a link between Tryptych and Earth-2033. And that link is Farman.

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