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  • Floreskand: Madurava by Morton Faulkner - Published by Manatee Books May, 2018. Co-written with Gordon Faulkner. The third story from the Institute of Records, Floreskand. Shortly after the Lornwater rebellion (Floreskand 2: King), the head of the Madurava House witnesses a meaningful change in the alignment of the sacred compass,pointing to the Sonalume Mountains, to the dunsaron. Meanwhile, the Ratava are preparing for a migration that will take them to the dunsaron, for their food-source,the vast numbers of the schwarm,are burrowing away from their usual haunts towards the land of their forebears to propagate the species. We meet again Rujon Sos and K-Kwan as they track the schwarm and the various competing groups of Underpeople. Still recovering, the three cities of Lornwater need rebuilding and that requires money. But the royal treasury has been emptied by deposed Saurosen. The trail of lost riches leads Lord Tanellor to the dunsaron, guided by the daughter of Arqitor, Charja Nev. Others are converging on the same area. First-commander Nimentan Pellas, loyal to the deposed king, has been sent on a secret mission with a large body of soldiers. Almaturge Rait Falo is headed there also with a caravan of great wealth. Ulran is slowly coming to terms with his new disability, while his son Ranell is in pursuit of Epal Danorr who has been released by a general amnesty and has abducted Lorar. Watchman Welde Dep is embroiled in arcane investigations that point to a powerful almaturge committing murder, while the new king wrestles with the serpentine diplomacy of the Ranmeron Empire, Tarakanda. The denouement will be played out in a mysterious place where the land has never experienced snow and is always warm. Soon, it will be warm with flowing blood.

  • Leon Cazador, P.I. by Nik Morton Republished with an extra story by Manatee Books, October 2017. Collected short stories volume 6 (detective stories). Private Investigator Leon Cazador is half-English, half-Spanish and wholly against the ungodly. Sometimes he adopts an alias, Carlos Santos: he is a modern day Simon Templar, willing to hold back the encroaching night of unreason and help the gullible and downtrodden. He combats drug-traffickers, grave robbers, al-Qaeda infiltrators, misguided terrorists and conmen. Dodgy Spanish developers and shady expat English face his wrath. Traders in human beings, stolen vehicles and endangered species meet their match. Kidnappers, crooked mayors and conniving Lotharios come within his orbit of ire. Vengeful Chinese and indebted Japanese are his friends ... and his enemies. Leon Cazador fights injustice in all its forms. It's what he does.[Previously published 2010, 2013.]

  • Floreskand: King by Morton Faulkner - Published by Manatee Books October, 2017. Co-written with Gordon Faulkner. The second story from the Institute of Records, Floreskand. When Ulran and Cobrora Fhord left Lornwater on their quest to resolve the mystery of the red tellars (Wings of the Overlord), the city was ripe for rebellion against King Saurosen, holder of the Black Sword. In charge of the Red Tellar Inn, Ulran's son Ranell is drawn into a conspiracy with nobles to support Prince Haltese, the king's heir, to overthrow the tyrant. Inevitably, as a mining disaster and a murder in a holy fane stoke the fires of discontent, open rebellion swamps the streets. Conflict turns into civil war, where the three cities' streets become a battleground. Conflict is not confined to Lornwater, however. There's fighting below ground in the mysterious tunnels and caves of the Underpeople, and within the forest that surrounds the city, and ultimately in the swamps and lakes of Taalland. Subterfuge, betrayal, conspiracy, intrigue, greed, revenge and a thirst for power motivate rich and poor individuals, whether that's Lord Tanellor, Baron Laan, Gildmaster Olelsang, Lord-General Launette, ex-slave-girl Jan-re Osa, Captain Aurelan Crossis, Sergeant Bayuan Aco or miner Rujon. Muddying the fight are not only bizarre creatures: the vicious garstigg, the ravenous lugarzos or the deadly flensigg, but also the mystics from the Sardan sect, Brother Clen, Sisters Hara, Illasa and Nostor Vata. At stake is the Black Sword, the powerful symbol that entitles the holder to take the throne of Lornwater.

  • Floreskand: Wings by Morton Faulkner - Published by Manatee Books October, 2017. Previously published as Wings of the Overlord. Co-written with Gordon Faulkner. The first story from the Institute of Records, Floreskand. Why are thousands of red tellars, the magnificent birds of the Overlord, winging their way towards dark Arisa? It's a race against time. Magical rites will start on the auspicious day. Then it will be too late for the wings of the Overlord. What kind of link does the mysterious Ulran have with the red tellars? The ascetic Cobrora Fhord conceals a secret, but what is it? Their chance meeting at the dread inn with the mighty warrior Courdour Alomar forges an unlikely alliance on a dire quest to Arisa. Plagued by assassins, forces of nature and magic, the ill-matched threesome must follow their fate across the plains of Floreskand, scaling the snow-clad Sonalume Mountains and penetrating the dark heart of Arisa. Only here will they uncover the truth about the rites. Here too they will find pain and death in their struggle against the evil Yip-nef Dom.

  • Continuity Girl by Nik Morton - Published by Beat to a Pulp Press, 13 June, 2017. Also featuring We Fell Below the Earth, #3 in the Kyler Knightly and Damon Cole sci-fi series. What has gone before . . . In our future, Kyler Knightly and his uncle Damon Cole are field agents for Continuity Inc, a private organization that obtained the contract when the government Time Corps was deregulated. CI is dedicated to protecting human history. They use the Zygma projector to travel through time and must carry a focus object from the period they're targeting. Kyler is also a dreamer with passive psychic talents, a precognitive. The head of the group is an Artificial Intelligence character, Sennacherib. Their offices are in the West End of London, a disused theater.

    CONTINUITY GIRL Kyler is accompanied by the delectable yet mysterious Tertia Beynon. Their mission is to trace an academic who has traveled to Roman Britain in 192 AD. Precog suggests that an interfering event in this past will radically alter the future. Arriving at Hadrian's Wall in the freezing winter, the pair encounter blood-thirsty argumentative locals and then obtain the aid of Governor Clodius Albinus in their trek on the northern side of the wall. Here they are confronted by Ambrosius, a druid who possesses arcane power. Nothing seems simple. Action abounds, with brutal sacrifices, deadly swordplay, a fraught chariot chase and an attack by a pack of wolves. With all this going on, will they be able to save their future in time? 'What an exciting zip back to the past with some really neat time travel twists! The story may be short but it's packed with plenty of entertaining 'what ifs' and action near Hadrian's Wall. And for good measure, the conclusion just might be something you don't expect!' Nancy Jardine, author of 'The Celtic Fervour' series

    WE FELL BELOW THE EARTH Our duo are helped by Tertia and Chief Inspector Irving. Corpses drained of blood point to a clue, a letter from Bistritz in 1897. Kyler and Cole are sent to Transylvania. The conclusions are inescapable: it seems that the discovery of time travel,even though it's regulated and Continuity Inc strives to protect history, heralded in a sequence of parallel time-streams. Where before these time-streams were 'what if' scenarios, now they've split into different realities. In some, fiction is fact. The deaths, the blood and gore point to vampires being real, and they're certainly not your idealized romantic sort. The evil blood-suckers are intent on feasting in Kyler's present and spreading their contagion ...

  • An Evil Trade by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 29 April, 2017. Reprint of the out-of-print novel Blood of the Dragon Trees. Crime thriller set in Tenerife. Lt Vargas of the Guardia Civil works with Homicide Inspector Jefe Salazar to root out the mysterious el Jefe, the mastermind behind people smuggling. Laura Reid gets to know her employer Don Alonso and his handsome son, Felipe. She has a series of odd encounters with an Englishman, Kirby, and becomes suspicious. Kirby and his pal Jalbala liaise with the police, convinced there's a link between the smuggling of products manufactured from endangered species and illegal immigrants... Laura's life is threatened more than once and before long she finds herself taking sides against the Spanish family who employ her.

  • I Celebrate Myself by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 17 March, 2017. Collected short stories volume 5 (crime and adventure).

  • Codename Gaby by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 16 March, 2017. Collected short stories volume 4 (historical).

  • Visitors by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 12 March, 2017. Collected short stories volume 3 (westerns).

  • Nourish a Blind Life by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 11 March, 2017. Collected short stories volume 2 (science fiction, fantasy, ghost, horror).

  • Gifts from a Dead Race by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 8 March, 2017. Collected short stories volume 1 (science fiction, fantasy, ghost, horror).

  • Chill of the Shadow by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 9 March, 2017. Reprint of the out-of-print novel Death is Another Life. Where there is light, there is shadow. Malta may be an island of sun and sand, but there's a dark side to it too. It all started when some fishermen pulled a corpse out of the sea. Or maybe it was five years ago, in the cave of Ghar Dalam? Spellman, an American black magician, has designs on a handpicked bunch of Maltese politicians, bending their will to his master's. A few sacrifices, that's all it takes. And he's helped by Zondadari, a rather nasty vampire. Investigative journalist Maria Caruana's in denial. She can't believe Count Zondadari is a vampire. She won't admit it. Such creatures don't exist, surely? She won't admit she's in love with him, either. Detective Sergeant Attard doesn't like caves or anything remotely supernatural. Now he teams up with Maria to unravel the mysterious disappearance of young pregnant women. They're helped by the priest, Father Joseph. And there are caves, supernatural deaths and a haunting exorcism. Just what every holiday island needs, really. A film script of this is available.

  • Mission: Khyber by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 5 March, 2017. Tana Standish series #3:Afghanistan, 1979. In the aftermath of Mission: Tehran, psychic spy Tana Standish crossed into Afghanistan, accompanied by agent Alan Swann. Their rendezvous with Mike Clayton was delayed and while they waited for him in Herat, Tana befriends a Soviet forces family, intent on discovering details about the presence of General Pavlovsky. They're then caught in a devastating civil uprising. Inexorably, the Soviets are being drawn into the politics of Afghanistan. And Clayton, Swann and Tana are linked with the heroic Massoud, the tyrant President Amin and the mujahedeen. Tana makes new friends and new enemies in her constant fight against injustice. Professor Bublyk is still trying to locate Tana and the missing Spetsnaz agent Aksakov. Distrustful of the psychic Yakunin, he recruits killer Klimov. Together, they imprison Yakunin in order to draw Tana out to rescue him. Tana is aware that it must be a trap. But she owes her life to Yakunin, even though they have not met. A tense cat-and-mouse battle of wits stretches the length and breadth of the country; to the far reaches of the Wakhan corridor, the Special Psychiatric Hospital in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and ultimately to the Khyber Pass.

  • Mission: Tehran by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 4 March, 2017. Reprint of the out-of-print novel The Tehran Text . Tana Standish series #2:Iran, 1978-1979. Iran is in ferment and the British Intelligence Service wants Tana Standish's assessment. It appears that CIA agents are painting too rosy a picture, perhaps because they're colluding with the state torturers. Allegiances and loyalties are strained as Tana's mission becomes deadly and personal. Old friends are snatched, tortured and killed by SAVAK, the Shah's secret police. She has to use all her skills as a secret agent and psychic to stay one step ahead of the oppressors and traitors. As the country stumbles towards the Islamic Revolution, the Shah's grip on power weakens. There's real concern for the MI6 listening post near the Afghan border. Only Tana Standish is available to investigate; yet it's possible she could be walking into a trap, as the deadly female Spetsnaz fighter Aksakov has been sent to abduct Tana. Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, the sympathetic Yakunin, the psychic spy tracking Tana, is being sidelined by a killer psychic, capable of weakening Tana at the critical moment in combat with Aksakov. Can Yakunin save Tana without being discovered? In the troubled streets of Iran's ancient cities and amidst the frozen wastes on the Afghan border, Tana makes new friends and new enemies... [Revised reprint of The Tehran Transmission]

  • Mission: Prague by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 5 March, 2017. Reprint of the out-of-print novel The Prague Papers. Tana Standish series #1: Czechoslovakia, 1975. Tana is a spy with a difference. She has a photographic memory and is psychic. Unfortunately, it isn't a gift she can switch on at will, but it has proved useful in her eventful life. Orphaned in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second World War, she was adopted by a British naval officer and his wife. Now she works for Interprises,International Enterprises,a cover branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service. Czechoslovakia's people are still kicking against the Soviet invasion. Tana was called in to restore morale and repair the underground network. But there's a traitor at work. And she learns about a secret Soviet complex, concealed in a colliery in the Sumava Mountains. Unknown to her there's a top secret psychic establishment in Kazakhstan, where Yakunin, one of their gifted psychics, has detected her presence in Czechoslovakia. As he gets to know her, are his loyalties strained? With her old lover Laco she infiltrates the secret Soviet complex. When she's captured, Interprises mounts a desperate attempt to get her out or to silence her - before she breaks under interrogation.[Revised reprint of The Prague Manuscript]

  • The Bread of Tears by Nik Morton - Published by Manatee Books, 16 February, 2017. Reprint of the out-of-print novel Pain Wears No Mask. Before taking her vows, Sister Rose was Maggie Weaver, a Newcastle policewoman. Suffering severe trauma while uncovering a serial killer, she's nursed back to health by nuns and, finding her spiritual self and a new identity, she joins their Order. In her new calling she is sent to London to run a hostel for the homeless. Then, as she attempts to save a destitute woman from a local gang boss, events crystallise, taking her back to Newcastle, the scene of her nightmares, to play out the final confrontation against old enemies in the police. The Bread of Tears is about surviving trauma and grief. A triumph of the human spirit, of good over evil. The tagline is When she was a cop, she made their life hell. Now she's a nun, God help them!

  • Coffin for Cash by Nik Morton - Published by BTAP Press 17 May, 2016, e-book only. 12th in the series of books about Edward A. Grainger's characters. A noir western that plunges Cash Laramie into a premature burial and for Gideon Miles tugs at tell-tale heart strings. Cash has been in plenty of tight spots, but this, being buried alive, has to be his last! It all started innocently enough, as a favour for his boss, accompanying a rich woman in her search for her brother. The trail leads to The Bells, a strange hotel run by a brother and sister team, which just happens to be adjacent to the funeral parlour and cemetery... His friend Miles is nearby, intent on escorting a suspected murderer to Cheyenne for trial. Yet Miles discovers that his charge might be innocent, after all, and lingers to ask questions. And those inquiries mean upsetting some people, which leads to an ambush, and a final reckoning at the outlandish casino complex constructed by a rich bigoted German baron. Throw into the mix the attractive Berenice, a schizophrenic bank manager, irate miners, Chinese workers, a boisterous slot machine salesman, and a devious lawyer and you have another explosive adventure for the Outlaw Marshal.

  • Cataclysm by Nik Morton - Published by Crooked Cat Publishing 15 December, 2015. The Avenging Cat series #3. Cataclysm, a political or social upheaval. Some months after their adventure in Morocco, Catherine Vibrissae receives devastating news from Rick, news that will change her life. Still determined to go to Shanghai to face down her arch enemy Malefice and end her vendetta once and for all, she thwarts an ambush by Cerberus head of security, Mr Soong. To complicate matters, oligarch and people smuggler Belofsky is in Shanghai with his own agenda. While Cat plays cat-and-mouse with Soong, she uncovers a conspiracy that could lead to war between China and Japan.

  • Catacomb by Nik Morton - Published by Crooked Cat Publishing 20 October, 2015. The Avenging Cat series #2. Catacomb, a subterranean cemetery: a place where ancient corpses are found, or new ones are dumped. After their recent success in Barcelona, both Cat and Rick continue their vendetta against Loup Malefice and his global company, Cerberus, penetrating the lair of Petra Grimalkin in Nice. But death stalks the pair, as do the dogs of law from the NCA, Basset and Pointer. Cat's trail of vengeance next leads to the Cerberus health food processing plant in the Maghreb ... She puts her skills to good use in Morocco where she again confronts the psychotic killer, Zabala. From the exotic streets of Tangier to the inhospitable High Atlas Mountains, danger lurks and a deadly ambush awaits...

  • The Tehran Text by Nik Morton e-book published by Crooked Cat Publishing 17 February, 2015. Out of print. see reprint Mission: Tehran.

  • Catalyst by Nik Morton - Published by Crooked Cat Publishing 11 December, 2014. The Avenging Cat series #1. Catalyst, a person that precipitates events. That's Catherine Vibrissae. Orphan. Chemist. Model. Avenging Cat. She seeks revenge against Loup Malefice, the man responsible for the takeover of her father's company. An accomplished climber, Cat is not averse to breaking and entering to confound her enemies. During her investigations, she crosses the path of Rick Barnes, a company lawyer, who seems to have his own agenda. Ranging from south of England to the north-east, Wales and Barcelona, Cat's quest for vengeance is implacable. But with the NCA hot on her tail, can she escape the clutches of sinister Zabala and whip-wielding Profesora Quesada?

  • The Prague Papers by Nik Morton e-book published by Crooked Cat Publishing 26 November, 2014.Out of print. See reprint Mission: Prague.

  • Wings of the Overlord by Morton Faulkner - Published by Knox Robinson Publishing, UK, September 9, 2014. Out of print. Co-written with Gordon Faulkner. The first story from the Institute of Records, Floreskand. See reprint Floreskand: Wings.

  • The Magnificent Mendozas by Ross Morton - Published by Robert Hale, July 31, 2014. Southern Colorado, 1879. The gringo town of Conejos Blancos has just hosted the Mexican circus; no sooner do they move on to their next venue than Conejos is visited by Hart and over thirty desperadoes intent on taking over the place ... and the adjacent silver mine! The sheriff is slaughtered and many of the townspeople are held as hostages. In desperation, two boys escape from the locked-down town. They recruit seven Mexican circus performers, the Magnificent Mendozas: the troupe comprises Mateo, the leader, and his wife Josefa, both expert knife-throwers; Antonio Rivera, sharpshooter; Juan Suarez, gymnast and trapeze artist with his companion Arcadia Mendoza, who is also good with bow and arrow; Jose, younger brother of Mateo, a trick rider who lusts after Josefa; and Ramon Mendoza, escapologist. In order to penetrate the cordon of sentries and free the hostages, the troupe employs their many skills. Not everything runs smoothly, however. Soon, it's a battle of wits between the Mendozas, Hart and his men and the townspeople. There's betrayal, bravery and plenty of quick-fire action... and death on both sides.

  • Sudden Vengeance by Nik Morton - Published by Crooked Cat Publishing May, 2014. Out of print To be revised and republished. In the broken Britain of today, faith in the police is faltering. Justice and fairness are flouted. Victims are not seen as hurt people but simply as statistics. Paul's family is but one example of those victims of unpunished criminals. In the English south coast town of Alverbank, many others are damaged and grieving. It cannot go on. There has to be a response, some way of fighting back. A vigilante soon emerges and delivers rough justice, breaking the bones and cracking the heads of those guilty individuals who cause pain without remorse. Who is the vigilante? He or she is called the Black Knight. The police warn against taking 'the law into your own hands'. But the press laud the vigilante's efforts and respond: 'What law?' Will the Black Knight eventually cross the line and kill? [Revised reprint of A Sudden Vengeance Waits]

  • Spanish Eye by Nik Morton Republished with an extra story by Crooked Cat Publishing 29 November 2013. Out of print See reprint Leon Cazador, P.I.

  • Write a Western in 30 Days - with lots of bullet points! by Nik Morton - Published by John Hunt, UK, 28 June 2013. This does what it says on the cover. 'Nik Morton has been writing for over forty years, honing his craft. He writes genre fiction, whether that's science fiction, horror, crime, thriller, romance or westerns. To date he has 15 books under several pseudonyms. His westerns are usually written under the name Ross Morton.Within these pages you can discover how to write a western from the initial ideas, through the preparation and research, to those all-important character studies and plots. And you can do it in 30 days!'

  • Blood of the Dragon Trees by Nik Morton - Published by Crooked Cat Publishing, UK, 2 August 2013. Out of print See reprint An Evil Trade.

  • Odd Shoes and Medals by Ron Hudson - Published by Manatee Books, April 2013.Reminiscences of Ron Hudson as told to Nik Morton. 'War broke out when I was eight. My short pants had holes in the backside, which was doubly embarrassing because I didn't have any underwear and anyone could see my bum. So I used to walk sideways to school if any other kids or grown-ups came by. Miss Grafton, the teacher, let me stay at my desk during playtime to avoid embarrassing exposure. She liked me a lot and I used to take love letters for her to an American soldier.' These reminiscences cover a span of over seventy years and will jog several memories and remind people that the so-called poverty of present times is nothing compared to the 1940s and 1950s. Young Ron and his sister Audrey were shunted from one home to another, in excess of a dozen, 'fostered' by 'aunts' and 'uncles', and indeed for many years the pair of them didn't know where the other sibling lived! His absentee father barely gave him a though, though he did present him with ill-fitting clogs, once. Occasionally, he was bestowed with kindness and, despite moments of great despair, he carried on and eventually joined the Royal Navy. Ironically, for the first time he found a place he could call his home: the navy. He travelled the world, saw the sights, and 'learned a trade'. When he was demobbed prematurely by politicians, he embarked on a career in British Gas, and has a few amusing tales to tell about (nameless) customers! He set up his own business and became the oldest registered gas fitter in the country, until he retired at age eighty.

  • Bullets for a Ballot by Nik Morton - e-book published by BTAP Press, March 2012, e-book only. Cash Laramie Returns! Gun smoke rises and blood spills. Fifth in Edward A Grainger's series. In the town of Bear Pines, Mrs Tolliver has announced she is running for the mayoral office. She's the first woman to run as a candidate that divides the residents and sets the town into a tailspin. U.S. Marshal Cash Laramie is sent in to maintain peace and order and to protect Tolliver and her family from powerful allies of the incumbent, Mayor Nolan. In a bid to force her to quit the race, things turn ugly ... and deadly. Surrounded by killers who will stop at nothing to make sure Mrs Tolliver is not elected, Cash wires Cheyenne for assistance, but will help arrive in time?

  • Old Guns by Ross Morton - Published by Robert Hale, April 2012. July, 1892.Sam Ransom's looking forward to his 62nd birthday with his wife and two children. Then he gets a telegram from the Bethesda Falls sheriff. His old partner Abner was mortally wounded, but before he died Abner left a note: the Meak twins were out to get Ransom and the others 'because of what happened at Bur Oak Springs'. Their families weren't safe, either. Ransom sets out to warn his old friends, Jubal, Rory and Derby. But he's too late to prevent another brutal death. Bur Oak Springs happened over two decades ago. The place was a ghost town even then. The Meak twins seem set on a crusade of vengeance, but why? Ransom's family is put in jeopardy and the ultimatum is clear. He and his friends must return to the ghost town again, to confront the Meak brothers and their gang. There's a sense of deja vu about this; yet, there are fresh revelations too. It's a showdown. The young guns against the old guns.

  • When the Flowers are in Bloom and other stories by Nik Morton - Published by Solstice Publishing, May 2011, Out of print. These twelve diverse stories travel far and wide, over the globe and through history, to examine the human condition. Whether a quest for atonement decades after the Second World War, or to repay a debt of honour, Japanese characters reveal their fragility. In Sarajevo, Bosnia or the grim projects of New York, life must go on. Characters show us that disability is not a handicap. Forgiveness and redemption are human qualities the world is short of today, perhaps. They're needed by those who disinter the past and graves from an old war in Spain. Birth and death, they're here. So is honour, duty, courage and love.

  • Death is Another Life by Robert Morton - Published by Solstice Publishing March, 2011, Out of print.

  • A Sudden Vengeance Waits by Nik Morton - Published by Solstice Publishing 6 August, 2010, Out of print. See reprint Sudden Vengeance.

  • Blind Justice at Wedlock by Ross Morton - Published by Robert Hale, 2011.Out of print. Clint Brennan interrupts two men kidnapping his wife Belle and he's shot and left for dead. When he recovers his senses, his wife has gone and he discovers he is blind. Most men would give up there and then, but not Clint. Astride his donkey, he sets out with his faithful dog Mutt on the trail of his wife and her abductors. That same day, the Bethesda Falls bank is robbed and life changes for the head teller Jeremy Gamlin too. Belle believes her husband is dead. She's rescued, but not by Clint. Her saviour is protective and takes her to his grand home in Wedlock where she meets the charming housekeeper, Mrs Kilbride. Maybe here, they say, she can forget her husband and start a new life. On the trail, Clint is waylaid by robbers but soon learns to combat enemies at night, when darkness is his ally. Distracted and delayed, he's still determined to locate his missing wife. A tale of betrayal and lies, it will all end at Wedlock, amidst flames and bullets.

  • A Fistful of Legends Edited by Nik Morton - Published by Express Westerns, December 2009. Revenge, retribution, and deceit. Damaged men and sinister night stalkers. Humour, irony, and tears. Bank robberies, showdowns, and lynchings. Tragic doves, plucky homemakers, and gun-toting belles. Birth and death, love and hate.You'll find it all here, penned by seasoned Western scribes and a few newcomers, too. So saddle up for action and adventure and grab yourself A Fistful of Legends! 21 new tales of the Old West, with an introduction by James Reasoner.

  • The Tehran Transmission by Nik Morton - Published by Libros International 1 October 2009, Out of print. Tana Standish - Iran, 1978-1979. See reprint Mission: Tehran.

  • The $300 Man by Ross Morton - Published by Robert Hale 29 May 2009.Out of print. What's a life worth? $300, maybe. Half-Mexican Corbin Molina lost a hand during the Civil War but he has adapted. Now he's on a mission to the town of Walkerville. On the way, he prevents a train robbery and finds an old friend. Corbin always tends to carry $300, which is significant, since that's what he was a paid as substitute soldier for the Union. When Corbin starts asking questions about the law and administration of Walkerville, he discovers that the townspeople are not happy. They're being dominated by the Walker family, who seem to have bought and paid for loyalty and position. Inevitably, trouble finds Corbin... and his past rises to confront him during a tense showdown which threatens not only him but his newfound love.

  • The Prague Manuscript by Nik Morton - Published by Libros International June 2008, Out of print. Tana Standish - Czechoslovakia, 1975. See reprint Mission: Prague

  • Last Chance Saloon by Ross Morton - Published by Robert Hale May 2008;also F.A. Thorpe Large Print version August 2009.Out of print. Daniel McAlister returns from a gold prospecting absence of two years to wed Virginia, the wheel of fortune operator in The Gem saloon at Bethesda Falls. Unfortunately, he's bushwhacked and robbed in town. Meanwhile, the stage is robbed and Ruth Monroe, the stage depot owner, is being coerced into selling up. Daniel and Virginia become embroiled in the deadly business and side with Ruth against the saloon owner and gunslingers. Only a showdown will end it, one way or another.

  • Pain Wears No Mask by Nik Morton - Published by Libros International November 2007, Out of print. The first chapters of this novel won the joint runner-up prize in the 2006 Harry Bowling Prize competition. See reprint The Bread of Tears.

  • Death at Bethesda Falls by Ross Morton - Published by Robert Hale July 2007; also F.A. Thorpe Large Print version November 2008.Out of print. Jim Thorp had killed plenty of men. They deserved to die. Thorp was a hard man, made so by a bloody Civil War. But he didn't relish this visit to Bethesda Falls. His old sweetheart Anna worked there as a school-teacher and he was hunting her brother, Clyde, for armed robbery and other more terrible crimes. He didnít want to hurt Anna but it looked like he would anyway. Clyde, the foreman of the M-bar-W ranch, is due to wed Ellen, the rancher's daughter. He's also poisoning the old man to hasten the inheritance. Thorp's presence in town starts the downward slide to violence, when not only is Ellen's life in danger, but also that of Anna and Thorp himself.

  • A Sign of Grace by Robert W Nicholson - Published 1995 by Morton Publishing.Out of print. An earlier novella incarnation of Sister Rose, as Sister Hannah in the United States. Charleston, South Carolina. Sister Hannah stumbles on a corpse near her hostel. And she knows the dead girl. Against the advice of Homicide Lieutenant Salinas, she investigates the murder and puts her life in jeopardy. Criminal investigations come easy to her. Before taking her vows as a nun she'd been a New York cop.

  • Silenced in Darkness by Robert W Nicholson - Published 1995 by Morton Publishing.Out of print. Another earlier incarnation of Sister Rose. A slightly shorter version of this novella was a finalist in the 1995 World One Day Novel Competition.Sister Hannah discovers the sickening trade of harvesting human organs for profit. And she falls in love with Homicide Lieutenant Salinas. 'I was very impressed with the book. Sister Hannah is a deeply felt character' says Terry Pratchett.

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