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While serving in the RN I edited a variety of ship's magazines, only one of which used an imaginative title! These are:-

WARRIOR MAGAZINE - HMS ZULU - seagoing (1966-1969)

CENTURION MAGAZINE - HMS CENTURION - Gosport, Hants (1970-1974)

MERMAID MAGAZINE - HMS MERMAID - seagoing (1976-1977)

NEPTUNE MAGAZINE - HMS NEPTUNE - Faslane, Helensburgh (1977-1979)

CENTURION MAGAZINE - HMS CENTURION - Gosport, Hants (1979-1984)

DIOMEDE MAGAZINE - HMS DIOMEDE - seagoing (1984-1986)

CENTURION MAGAZINE - HMS CENTURION - Gosport, Hants (1986-1989)

Starting in 1982, I edited and published a small press magazine, Auguries. This featured science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories and poems. Issues were intermittent due to a variety of reasons, not least the funds to pay for the printing and very modest payments to the contributors. A separate page will be dedicated to Auguries, its many contributors and artists. By the time I had reached #18, it was in a perfect bound format, with a glossy colour cover. Sadly, that was the last issue, published in 1994. I have set up a blog showing details of all editions of Auguries -

In 1995 I entered the World One Day Novel Writing competition which took place at the Groucho Club, London. I was placed joint-fourth with an 18,000-word novella, Silenced in Darkness, about a nun detective in Charleston, USA. Determined to see the story in print, I set up an imprint, MANATEE BOOKS for Morton Publishing. I edited and self-published the novella together with another nun detective novella, A Sign of Grace. If nothing else I established the character who used to be a cop in New York before taking her vows. Over time and many rewrites, the character evolved until she’s now British and can be encountered in Pain Wears No Mask, published by Libros International 2007.

1999-2003 I edited and advised Dorothy Kelly with her novel Need a Body Cry? This was one of a number of books I wanted to agent for; unfortunately, time and lack of funds precluded pursuing this Literary Agency business full-time. Dorothy wrote under the family name of Cavayé and the book was a fictional account of her ancestors’ lives ranging over Scotland, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica on the cusp of the eighteenth century. Finally, Dorothy’s book was published by Librario and is still available.

Among other books I wanted to promote were Death in the Valley by Clive Horbacki, which was an excellent sequel to Shane and A Faint Call of Bugles by John V Breen; this latter work concerns the Indian Wars, which Robert Hale doesn’t touch; its main characters were a black ex cavalry man and an Apache. John is an excellent writer of westerns and I have helped edit several short stories of his, some of which have gone on to be published or won awards.

In 2002 I edited and published All on a Summer's Day by Mark Carter. A Manatee Books novella. It tells what happened to an ordinary infantry battalion during the lead up and actual events of the first day in the Battle of the Somme. Mark served in the Second World War in the North African and Italian campaigns.

In 2003 I edited and published Brimstone and Treason by Caroline Dunford. A Manatee Books novella. Its about Anja, an apprentice mage, who encounters deceitful wizards and dragons and finds herself on a cut-price quest – fourteen days to succeed or her soul gets eaten.

In June 2003 I became a sub-editor on the full colour monthly magazine, Portsmouth Post. I continued in this capacity even when I moved to Spain, travelling back to UK for one week per month, the rest being done via internet. Eventually, by 2006 another sub-editor had been found and my involvement simply entailed contributing several articles and a comic strip every month.

From late 2006 I have been editing books accepted by new publisher Libros International. So far, I have edited Poisoned Petals by Andy Crabb, a marvellous collection of 44 short stories set in Spain, past and present; Stage Struck by Suzanne Stokes, which is about an amateur dramatic society and the dramas the characters undergo off-stage; The Wannabes by Richard James, a tale about murder and horror and bad dreams that come alive; Hurricane Halsey by Andrew Halsey and Joy Lennick, a non-fiction account of epileptic Andrew's two attempts to row single-handedly across the Atlantic and the Pacific; In the Name of Joanna by Jean Valli, a modern psychological drama; currently editing The Secret by Jan Warburton, a relationships drama.

In 2007 I joined up with several writers in a yahoo group to help produce a western anthology. Co-edited Where Legends Ride with Matthew P Mayo, a collection of 14 new tales of the Old West, the majority of contributors having been published by Robert Hale. The collection also includes my short story 'Bubbles'.

I edited a second western anthology, A Fistful of Legends and selected 21 new tales of the Old West. My co-editor was Texan Charlie Whipple, who lives in Japan. The Introduction was generously contributed by James Reasoner.

As chief editor of Solstice Westerns, I edited accepted a total of 18 westerns.

During my tenure as Editor in Chief of Solstice Publishing (February 2011-July 2013), I accepted about 190 manuscripts of all genres.

Books I've edited/co-edited for Solstice:

The Snake Den by Chuck Tyrell

Mead's Quest by Adam Wiktorek

The Riflemen by Tony Masero

Rachel Wicks by Doreen McNicol

Rachel Blackburn by Doreen McNicol

Wagon Hunt by Mike Deane

The Old Spook by Charles Ameringer

The Unwilling Lodger by Mervyn Whale

The 7th Magpie by Lesley Ann Sharrock

Linked Through Time by Jessica Tornese

Monarch by Capt Loetzerich

Death and Taxes by Don Ford

The Mortician's Wife by Maralee Lowder

Smooth Traveling for Seniors by Jack Adler

Soul by Erika Lindsen

Strummin' the Banjo Moon by Joyce Keller Walsh

The Cauldron by Steve Carter

A Dark Time by William Hackett

The Boston Connection by Dick Moomey

Baja Bullets by George Snyder

In the Life by Wendy Homsher

Hear Him Cry by Rachel Beam

Montezuma's Revenge by Mark V Covington

Alias Thomas A Katt by Bob Stewart

Corryville by Brian Dobbins

The Guerrilla Man by Steve Clark

Confessions of a Gunfighter by Tell Cotten

Softly Say Goodbye by KC Sprayberry

Divided Moon by Jill Van Den Eng

Crow Feather by Allen Russell

The Pursued by Tony Masero

Skunk Ape Semester by Mike Robinson

Down a Tuscan Alley by Laura Graham

Alex by Dianne Hartsock Ten-a-Week Steale by Stephen Jared

The Executioner's Daughter by Miguel Conner

Penny the Whistling Pig by Jonathan Russell

At What Price? by Penny Estelle

Blood, Pure and Simple by Stuart Chesterfield

Undead On Arrival by Justin Robinson

Different Hearts by E.B. Sullivan

A Take of Wisdom and Delight by Mari LaFore

The Workhouse Boy by James J. Deeney

The Perfect Man for the Job by Kjell Korrison

Return to Silver Creek by Chuck Tyrell

His First Mistake by Melissa Lowes

Invisible by Joanne Bannon

In the Name of Joanna by Jean Valli

September Wind by Kathleen Janz-Anderson

From the Ashes by David M Karder

The Singing Mountain by Anne E. Summers

Expatriate Bones by M. Howald

The Satanic Gospel by William Hackett

The Maxwell Vendetta by Carl R Brush

Hustle Henry and the Cue-Ball Kid by Jack Strandburg

The Elephants of Shanghai by Stephen Jared

The Shattered Prism by Rebecca Frencl

Oliver Muncing, Exorcist by John Paulits

From Beyond Death by Kim Dahl

I'm no longer involved in acquisitions; submissions - please see the website

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